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Are any high school forms or info due this month?

Questions & Responses posed by the community September 16-22, 2020

Please reach out to Ms. Denton and Mr. Frederick, our guidance counselor and social worker respectively for ongoing details. Here are their emails: ... I need my child's OSIS number (student ID number). 

I need my child's OSIS number (student ID number)?

Reach out to Ms. Peters at
Also, every staff member can tell you by looking at the
"MASTER ROCL" (note: all staff members know what
the "MASTER ROCL" is).

I left some of my items in the school last spring and I wondered what happened to them. Can my mom go to the school, find them, and pick them up?

Where are the items exactly? What do they look like? Please email Ms. Peters the answers to these questions first (

We will gather your items and set up an appointment for you or your mother to pick them up. You may not enter the building, however, we can set a time for you to come to the main Park Place entrance, and then a staff member would bring you the items. Please let us know the answers to the previous questions. When we get the items we'll reach out to you and then together we'll set a time and date for pick-up accordingly.



We have chosen for our kids to be 100% remote learning. Do we have the option to send them to school later on as the year progresses or not? If so, what would be the protocol to follow to request blended learning?

Yes you have that option of sending your kid to in
school blended learning at a later time this year. In
order to set up your child to be in for blended learning
please reach out to Ms. Peters to set you up for that.
Specifically in November monitor the DOE website.
The guidance is that students who have chosen fully
remote are able to transition to blended. The date is to
be determined. Continue to monitor the DOE website
for specific updates.

I'm not sure if I understood correctly. Will all classes be live for remote learners? And from what I understood, those classes are also recorded so they can replayed? Please clarify/confirm.

The ability to speak to a teacher or staff member live
via Google Meeting or Zoom will be available every
single day. However, not every lesson will be live
teaching. The way to know is to go to the school
website (, click on
"The Main Page" link, and then find your specific class
and time. Click on the "LINK" and it will take you to the
Google Classroom Stream. At the top of the stream
will be specific instructions written by the teacher. It
could say something like "Good Morning. Class begins
at 8:45 - at which time you should click this link ==>
LINK to join the 'Live Lesson.'" However, it might
explain the assignment with a rubric, and then a link to
when you can have a small conference with the
teacher. Ultimately, remote learning from home will be
a mixture of synchronous and asynchrounous
teaching learning each day. However, remember,
from 2:00 to 2:20 daily 100% of staff members will
have Office Hours to be reached and where they
can respond to your questions, concerns, etc. live.
Moreover, Office Hours exist at various times for
various staff -- please refer to "The Main Page" to see
the specific times and links.

Will there be remote after school programs?

We are in discussion with our after school program
Arts Connection to see what is the best way to provide
after school services. We will be updating you with
further details when we confirm the best method for
delivering after school instruction.

When are the classes, who teaches them, and how do I connect at the right time?

Go to the school website (https://www.ms266brooklyn.
), click on "The Main Page" link. In that link you will
find 100% of the codes you need.

Will my child get their mandated services?

Yes. The service provider will be reaching out to you
via the primary email you provided the school, and is
on our record. Please continue to monitor your emails
for updates.

Since school has been delayed is there anyway we can get computers?

Yes. Please note, the NYC DOE still has devices you
can request and use for free. However, the number is
limited, so act fast. Click on the our website at https://www. the top you'll see a heading entitled "Remote Learning." On the drop click "I need an iPad" and follow directions. Also, here's the link from the NYC

DOE ==>

How do I find the password to my school email?

Go to the school website (https://www.ms266brooklyn.
org/), click on "The Main Page" link. In that link you will
find 100% of the class codes, schedules, how to find
your student email username, password, etc.

How will attendance be taken daily?

This will be done through Google Surveys. If you went
to MS 266 last year in March-June, it will be done in
the same way. Please monitor your student emails for
updates on this topic.

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